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How To Earn Extra Income in Exercise and Working Out

Sometimes creating your own exercise and workout program is the key to getting in shape and staying in shape. Why?

How To Earn-Extra-Money In Workout and Exercise Programs

When you create a workout program designed to be used by others, then you take ownership of the program and the success of the program. In doing that, you are always tweaking the program so that you will know what works and what doesn’t work so that others will get the full benefit of the program.

This helps you to get in shape because you are constantly working out. As a result your you will lose the weight and your motivation level will be extremely high.

It does not take rocket science to create a workout program.

4 Tips on How To Create a Workout Program

1. You will need a workout program idea.

Will you focus on abs, butt, legs, arms, cardio or some other full body exercise.

2. Will you offer an eating and diet-program?

What kind of eating program will you recommend? There are many ways to develop an eating or diet program. If you are unsure, then you should recommend an existing program like Weight-Watchers, or At-kins. This will put you outside of the nutrition business and keep your focus on working out.

3. Decide early how you will market the program.

Deciding early how you will market the program will greatly assist you in the creation of the exercise-program. Why? Some workout programs are easier to market on You-Tube and will not require a big production budget. Other programs may require a professional fitness cast, studio and other video production props to create a successful marketing platform.

4. Determine in advance the length and selling point of your exercise program.

For instance, will you create 10 minute, 30 minute or hour long videos? With this what is your selling point? Lose- weight, tone abs, flat stomach, or something else.

Create your workout and exercise program, and video tape yourself doing your moves. It will make you proud, give you a sense of accomplishment and also keep you engaged.

Do Just a Little Research

First I had to do a little research. What I wanted to know was what exercise programs caught my attention and why. How do I market to me and others like me.

I want to see how the videos were produced. Some you-tube and paid videos caught my attention.

I purchased KettleWorx Ultra 5 – Kettlebell Fitness KIT Which Includes 5lb Kettlebell, Brazil Butt Lift DVD Workout – Base Kit, and INSANITY DVD Workout.

After reviewing these videos, I determined for myself that none of them really accomplished what I wanted to do because they were either to relaxed in the approach, too much dancing, or too heavy in the approach.

I knew I wanted something for the 40 – 55 year old, who had limited time, didn’t want to dance, but wanted to get in a great cardio and stretching while working all of the body parts in each and every move so that the each workout is only 10 minutes. AND THAT IS WHAT I CREATED.

Below is a clip from my workout program.

Double Dutch Fit Exercise Program

How Did I Create My Workout Program?

To be honest it was rather simple.

After thinking to myself getting in shape should’nt be that hard, I started walking in place one day at my home. The more I walked in place the more I thought, just walking is not going to do it. I started thinking, what did I do when I was younger to stay in shape?

What immediately popped into my mind surprised me — Double Dutch.

Double Dutch, that’s right – that’s what I used to do when I was a kid – jump double dutch. I started performing some of my double dutch jump moves, and within minutes, I was exhausted and out of breath. I thought that was great.

I didn’t create an eating plan either, I used information from the Choose My Plate program to create an eating program that is sustainable, with variety. Couple that with the Double Dutch Fit and within 4 weeks, I dropped 20 pounds.

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